Introducing Carolyn Morton

When I was a child, pony and art obsessed in equal measure, I told my father I wanted to make things to leave behind. Looking back I suppose it was a strange thing for a child of ten to come out with and I have come to the conclusion that I grew up backwards, going from a wise and sensible ten year old to a somewhat more adventurous adult! Two things have remained consistent; a passion for horses and wanting to leave something beautiful behind when I depart this earth.

Horses and sculpture are a happy combination. There is a saying that ‘there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’. I’d take that a bit further and say that there is something about the soul of a horse that is good for mankind too. I hope that you like my attempts to show these two good things through my equine bronzes.

I also make human portrait, figurative and animal sculpture, pretty much on the same principal, creatures with character and personality that I hope I can bring out through my work. Almost all of my work is made to commission.